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JOBS:  Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life:

This journey takes you to a submit button where you can soon retire. 

Would you like to migrate to warmer climates like other snow birds?

The ACEnergySaver is a unique water controling system that easily attaches to air conditioners, expected to drastically stimulate our economy while saving billions of energy dollars.

Our product and service does not take money or jobs from others; Only energy providers at a time they want you to.  We will be able to eliminate electrical brown outs and black outs while chopping cooling costs.  The savings will range up to well over 50%!  This means hundreds to thousands of savings per home or business.

My name is Richard Townsend. I invent, develop, market and install products that simply make sense. My "Imagination Workshop" is based in Barrington New Hampshire where innovative products are born.

The product you are about to see is a most exciting energy saving device.  For only $200, this product is guaranteed to quickly pay for itself.  

The web site: is the easiest sales tool.  Watch the “how it works” page videos.  

Have you heard about EVAPORATIVECOOLING?  On this page, customers will learn how simple and logical this product is and why everyone is saying, “It’s a No Brainer”!
     a.This page shows a photo of a kangaroo licking its wrists. In the desert, a kangaroo cannot survive without evaporative cooling.
      b.The auto start video shows how to chill frosty beers in 93 degree sun, with no electricity or any other fuel
This is Evaporative Cooling. It’s that simple!

No tools or money? No problem!

You must be professional, presentable, reliable and courteous. Simply get your first 12 units signed up. An installer will come with the product and tools. You will become a certified installer and trainer in these 2 days while earning a base commission, near $1,500. The installer earns the $1200 installation fees, this time only. After training, you earn all the fees plus $1200 for everyone we send you to!

Installations average less than half an hour.  
We want our customers to have a system working at all times.  
You will receive a yearly fee to warrant and maintain each unit.  

Click the hyperlink to jet into the FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE: